Release of LINE Login Version 2 and End of Version 1 Support

Today (January 24) marks the release of LINE Login version 2.
With LINE Login version 2, you can now link with Messaging API user identifiers.
A Web API as well as both Android and iOS SDKs for LINE Login version 2 will be supported.
For more details, please refer to the documents below.
[Web API]

[Android SDK]
No additional setup is required to use LINE Login version 2.
All LINE Business Center users are welcome to use LINE Login version 2, regardless of whether you are a new LINE Login user or are already using LINE Login version 1.
Please note that support for the version 1 API is scheduled to stop at the end of January 2018. We recommend that you migrate to LINE Login version 2 when you can.
APIs for both versions can be used until version 1 API support is stopped.
We hope that you enjoy these new features from LINE Business Center and LINE Login.