Changes to Messaging API Specifications and Obtaining User Consent

Thank you for your continued support of LINE Business Center.

We are planning to release a new Messaging API and change some specifications in the near future.
Together with these updates, we will also be changing how we obtain consent from users for use of Messaging API.

1. API
The new API and specification changes are as follows.
• API for listing group/chat members
• The webhook will include user IDs for users who have sent messages in a group or chat.

Expected release period
Late May to July
Note: The schedule for some APIs may change.

Please note
• Accounts that currently have "Allow Bot to join group chats" turned on may have a userID field added to the webhook upon the release of the new API.
Please check beforehand for any possible effects on your systems.

2. Changes to Obtaining User Consent
Together with these updates, changes will be made to how user consent is obtained with the releaseof LINE 7.5.0 (iOS and Android), scheduled to be released in late May to June.
Up to now, individual consent screens were required each time a user added a LINE@ account or official account as a friend or started a chat with one.
After the specifications change, users will now provide consent via a new consent screen (hereinafter "Official Accounts Terms of Use") and individual consent screens will no longer be necessary.
Users only need to give consent once via the Official Account Terms of Use.
The screen is displayed when a user adds a LINE@ account or official account as a friend or a starts a chat with one.
As individual consent is no longer needed, once users give their consent they will be able to add other accounts as friends and use them in chats with a single action.

• Users on versions of LINE prior to 7.5.0 will continue to require individual consent as before.
• Up to now, the webhook's ability to send messages was determined by whether or not individual consent was given. Going forward, this determination will be gradually transitioned to whether consent was given through the Official Accounts Terms of Use.
For the time being, the webhook will make its determination using both consent methods, so there will be no impact on API behavior as a result of these changes. 

We look forward to continue serving you with LINE Business Center.