How to Increase Your Registered User Base by 151% – Apparel EC Site DHOLIC Reaps Benefits of LINE@’s Potent Social Marketing (Interview)

Specializing in trendy and affordable everyday fashion items, DHOLIC, run by ZIPIA Co., Ltd., has been using LINE@ to better target its 25 to 35 year old female demographic. We spoke with Ms. Nakayama of ZIPIA’s marketing team, who felt that the change in sales, only one month after adopting LINE@, was even more palpable than when the company began its presence on Facebook and Instagram.

An Increase in Registered Users by 151% Since Adopting LINE@

Can you tell us about what objectives led you to adopt LINE@?

When looking for social networks on which to focus our attention, we knew we wanted one with a large active user base and lots of messaging potential. We were drawn to LINE@ as a way to get our message out to LINE’s many users and maximize our number of potential future customers.

How did you encourage so many users to friend your account?

In addition to offering 10% discount coupons to users who friended our account within a limited time, we ran big drumroll announcements on our home page, with advertisements on various social networks and in print. We wanted to create a festive atmosphere to draw people in, and after only one month our account had 50,000 new friends.

How effective was the 10% discount coupon promotion?

In order to receive the coupons, users had to register on our site after friending our account. We found that after only two weeks, our number of registered users had increased by 151%. I feel like our approach to attracting new customers over LINE@ really payed off. Additionally, by running the promotion during a time period in which previous promotions did not meet with much success, this promotion also was effective with existing customers.

More Than 10,000 Coupons Used Within Two Weeks

Are there any other numbers you can share with us?

Since we adopted LINE@, over ten thousand 10% discount coupons have been used and the user purchase rate has gone up by 2.5%. The session numbers on our store website following our LINE@ event announcements are truly impressive as well. The speed at which users reacted to the announcements was also an order of magnitude greater than what we were used to. It was clear to us then why LINE@ has been so highly recommended. Our message view rate, clickthrough rate, and average session lengths were twice as high as those we had experienced through other social network tools. It was a record-sized boost for us as a company.

Can you briefly describe your workflow?

We work together on the planning and analysis as a team, but the actual media work is handled by just one person. In most cases image and text creation doesn’t take more than an hour, so the actual operating cost is quite low. This means more resources can be spent on revisions and planning. Looking at the low time investment that LINE@ requires, the returns have been exceptional.

Have you developed any new tactics for using LINE@ effectively?

We’re very careful when timing our announcements. We’ve found that by sending announcements the day before coupons expire, the number of visitors to our site roughly quadruples. Ultimately, these last-minute announcements gave us the highest rates of coupon usage and total number of sales.

What LINE@ features would you recommend to other users?

Definitely the Timeline. A lot of LINE@’s strength lies in its ability to send out push notifications, but a surprising number of purchases regularly come through our Timeline posts. We would recommend regularly updating the Timeline and only using push notifications on strategic occasions to avoid annoying your potential customers. Just updating your Timeline every day will have a positive effect on sales.

LINE@ Surpassing Instagram in Number of Visits

As a marketing tool, where would you say LINE@ is situated alongside other social networks and media?

LINE@ is the perfect tool for delivering effective messages to those customers who are most engaged and will want to see them. Before we implemented LINE@ into our strategy, our best-performing tool was Instagram, but the number of visits from LINE@’s Timeline and friend request messages alone surpassed it after only one month. It’s now our most effective social media marketing tool.

How do you want to put LINE@ to use going forward?

We’d like to present recommended products from the site on the Timeline in order to increase the number of visits, and send push notifications highlighting our special events. We're also thinking about launching LINE@ only promotions to encourage users to friend our account, which is an easier process than having them register for accounts on our site.

What advice do you have for other businesses in the industry starting out on LINE@?

The scale and speed of customer response from advertising over LINE@ is much greater than on other social networks. There’s no question that LINE@ was a major factor in our increased sales after we adopted the system. If, like us, your business targets women in their late 20’s and early 30’s, LINE@ is the ideal platform. Start out by running promotions to increase your number of friends, and then see where you can go from there.

Thanks very much for sharing your experience with us.